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        Juan Zhang-Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of TCM

        Zhang Juan: Leader of the Department of Pain in Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Young member of the Pain Branch of the Chinese Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, executive member of the Pain Branch of the Zhejiang Medical Association, and member of the Pain Branch of the Zhejiang Association of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine. In the past five years, he has hosted a number of research projects on pain research including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and published several papers on pain-related issues. The latest methods of pulsed radiofrequency in the treatment of cervical headache were described in one of the papers and published in J Headache Pain(Sc.f3.218). The research results on the pathogenic mechanism of chronic pain and the intervention mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine won the second prize of Zhejiang Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology.

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